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/speks’ sentrik/

1. adjective: Having an irrational passion for independent eyewear; also unconventional or free-thinking

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”

-Stephen Hawking

The power has shifted…

Eyewear consumers have more control and choices than ever before and corporate monopolies control most of them. The old methods of selling eyeglasses by “filling prescriptions” are driving people away from your dispensary into the hands of online retailers and big box stores. Competing on price or charging for nickel and dime services are not the solution. It’s time for a new approach.

Let's Bring Spexy Back

Together we can bring about a new era of eyewear. Let’s bring your eyewear sales out of the death spiral of commoditization and medical entitlement, create excitement and desire around amazing independent products, and make shopping for eyewear something people are inspired to do instead of required to do.

Say, no to big optical…

and stop trying to compete with online sales.

Like you, we’re tired of seeing the industry devalued by Big Optical, cheap online products, vision discount plans, and outdated business models.

Find success by creating amazing experiences, getting your message to the right people, and telling the stories of the independent creators and innovators in our industry instead of assisting the hive mind in their quest to dominate the marketplace.

We're not your typical Digital Marketing Agency for ECPs

In addition to helping eyewear retailers and eye care practices grow revenue through positioning and digital marketing, Spexcentric is intent on bringing together consumers, collectors, enthusiasts, independent manufacturers and industry professionals to build demand, create a movement around the culture of eyewear.


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